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We perform failure analyses for Materials and Mechanical Engineering including investigation and analyses on failures and accidents of all kinds due to material/process or design defects. We help clients determine the root causes of failure and find ways to prevent them.

Fracture and fractography analysis

  • Fatigue modeling
  • Damage assessment

Risk management

  • Reliability and availability assessment
  • Failure analysis
  • Accident reconstruction

Engineering mechanics

  • Stress-strain analysis;
  • Lifetime prediction of materials,
  • Components, structures and systems

Interfacial adhesion

  • Interconnection strength/integrity
  • Coating and plating evaluation
  • Joining and welding process evaluation,
  • Corrosion and environmental effect assessment

Mechanical testing

  • Material microstructure characterization
  • Materials selection
  • Compatibility assessment


MinoTech Engineering provides scientific technical development, product development, technology transfer and commercialization services to technology based manufacturing organizations.

Industries served include life sciences, glass & ceramics, optics / telecommunications, process technology & advanced materials, energy and manufacturing.

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