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We Know that Technical Success alone, does not guarantee business success! At MinoTech Engineering, we ensure that client technical needs are met, while also providing an organizational and general management framework that ensures that technology will have an impact on the bottom line.

We will address critical issues that are a part of every new product launch: Cost benefit Analysis, Product Sales, Product Marketing, Customer Relations, Production, Financial Management. Our goal is to insure that your new product launch results into increased sales, increased productivity, and enhanced profitability.

      Cost Benefit Analysis
We will establish comprehensive Financial Objectives for your development programs

We will help you to establish Daily/Weekly Financial Reports that help you track technical development as well as to monitor the impact of improved sales and profitability.  

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      Technical Communications, Process Documentation

MinoTech Can Support Your Project with Clear Communications

From project initiation forward, MinoTech Engineering can develop these high quality and effective communications:

  • Business and study proposals

  • SBIR funding solicitations

  • Management reports

  • White papers

  • Quality management documentation

  • Employee training modules

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • Validation documentation (IQs, OQs, PQs, final reports)

  • Equipment and product user guides

  • Product application guides

  • FDA regulatory compliance documentation (Code of Federal Regulations CFR, FDA cGMP)

  • User interfaces that make products easy and intuitive to use

  • Corporate communications including press releases

Communication Expertise Contributes to Commercialization Success

Top managers recognize that effective communication through the life cycle of a project is a key to success. Clear and persuasive communication of technology insures acceptance, support, and alignment of vision. High quality documentation brings these benefits to your project:

  • Increase the likelihood of project acceptance by senior management, venture capitalists, or government entities

  • Make your new product or process easy and intuitive to use

  • Ensure technical and non-technical audiences understand and accept your new technology

  • Ensure proper use, regulatory compliance, and a positive customer experience with your new technology

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      Organizational Effectiveness

Your success depends on a highly motivated, well-trained workforce that is capable of evolving as company needs change. MinoTech Consultants will work with your management team to assess your organizations strengths and weaknesses. We help you develop your workforce by providing a needs assessment, and establishing training programs that align employee skills with the company’s strategic direction.

  • Organization Plan - Organize for success! MinoTech Engineering will provide your company with an organization structure that will allow employees to manage and owners to control more effectively through improved communications and streamlined processes.

  • Job Descriptions – Key employees will be provided with job descriptions that clearly delineate their responsibilities.

  • Management by Objectives - Key employees are given challenging but achievable objectives that provide management with objective measures of success.

  • Management Systems - We develop Management Systems, which provide tools for planning, scheduling, assigning following up, and reporting on key work activities.

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      Management Practices Training Seminars

MinoTech Engineering offers an interactive series of Management Practices seminars that will be of particular interest to business owners, technical leaders, managers and entrepreneurs. These one-day seminars can be taken individually or together as a series, based on your companies needs. These training courses provide the essential foundation needed for addressing day-to-day business issues as well as ‘going lean’, managing, and growing business operations.

Rational Problem Solving - Your effectiveness in dealing with day-to-day problems affects every facet of your operation, right down to the bottom line! Learn critical thinking techniques that will significantly improve your ability to resolve problems, make decisions and anticipate future issues in everyday business situations. Leader: Dr. Michael Minot.

Essentials of Process Management - Learn the critical steps required to stabilize, trouble shoot, and improve day-to-day operations. Procedures, including materials control, standard operating procedures, audits, and calibration are discussed plus how to evaluate the status of current operations and formulate improvement objectives. Leader: Dr. Michael Minot.

Six Sigma Management - Learn how Six Sigma Management allows companies to significantly improve their bottom line by designing and monitoring everyday business activities to minimize waste and resources while increasing customer satisfaction. Leader: Dr. Michael Minot

Lean Operations - Learn how work flow, organization, process control, metrics and logistics, the elements of “going lean’, affects the bottom line, bringing about cost savings and improved service with minimal capital outlay. Seminar Leader: Mr. Leslie Wood.

New Product Development Management Strategies - Apply Lean / Six Sigma Strategies to reduce time to market for new product developments. Leaders: Dr. Michael Minot, Les Wood.

Understanding Your Markets - Gain a fuller understanding of your customers needs, improve your product line to increase sales, optimize pricing to maximize profits and measure changes in customer satisfaction as you adjust your strategy to changes in your markets. Leader: Michael Kirsch.

Business Practices - Addresses the issues that have the greatest impact on business success: 1) Financial Management, 2) Organizational Planning, and 3) Leadership Mentoring. Leader: Dr. Michael Minot.

MinoTech Engineering provides scientific technical development, product development, technology transfer and commercialization services to technology based manufacturing organizations.

Industries served include life sciences, glass & ceramics, optics / telecommunications, process technology & advanced materials, energy and manufacturing.

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